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. >>> grammy-winning singer chris brown is being questioned by l.a. sheriff's deputies about an alleged assault over a parking space. witnesses say that brown punched another man sunday night outside a west hollywood recording studio. that man hasn't been identified but singer frank ocean tweeted last night that he was jumped by brown and a couple of other men. >>> now for a look at what's trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. beyonce may be dropping a hint about the inauguration lip syncing. on saturday night the singer posted this picture of herself to instagram that says "can i live" or "can i live" while practicing for the super bowl. it's also a title of her husband's song. you be the judge. >>> online resume turned into an exact replica of an amazon product page and he invites you to add him to your shopping cart if you are interested. but hurry, as the ad says there is only one left in stock. >>> jennifer lawrence told the crowd how she earned her s.a.g. union card at age 14 while working on a commercial for mtv. didn't take long for that clip to pop up on youtu
, hawaii, and the state of illinois. >>> we saw her in her thom browne coat, starting off her husband's second term, though, with a new look. you noticed the bangs. they have been the talk of town the past few days. we'll take a look at her influence over fashion over the past four years. >> i think there's going to be a lot of talk this morning about the size of the crowd here today and comparing it to the size of the crowd that was here back in 2009, something like 1.8 million people came to washington to witness the first inaugural of this president. they're expecting somewhere between 500,000 and 700,000 this time. and i don't think that should be seen as a lack of enthusiasm. we met some people on the street this morning as we were preparing to do the show. they all seemed to be extremely excited as they made their way over to the mall and the capitol. a lot of people will be making their way through the streets, stopping at the souvenir stand that is have cropped up over the past couple of days. and some of their goods have made their way to our set. >> some of the souvenirs we'
? >> i thought it was great. tom brown, who the first lady wore during the day, is known as a menswear designer. this is a tom brown tie. i wear a lot of his ties. so he just started designing for women, and so that was a big -- >> she took a chance. >> she took a chance. i thought the coat was gorgeous during the day, and i thought the dress -- i read today in "the times" eric wilson was saying that the color red was actually an incredibly bold choice for her. it's a bold color, and people expected her to be in blue. i guess, but i thought she was gorgeous. >> what about the girls, the daughters? i thought they looked so cute with the coats, the bright colors? >> kate spade and j crew. >> they're growing up. seeing malea, that's the first time i thought she's a teenager. she's going to be 15. >> unbelievable. >> when he finishes they'll be 18, 19, so it's going to be really interesting to see the woman that she grows into. >> right. let's talk hollywood now. leo decaprio made a grand announcement which was? >> he said in an interview that he is going to take a break from acting becaus
. the question is, true or false, true or false, brown rice, one cup of brown rice, has fewer calories than one cup of white rice. true or false. >> say it again. [ whistle blows ] >> you go. >> she hasn't answered! >> true. >> it's false! time's over! >> we need a tie breaker. how many minutes will it take to burn off this bagel with cream cheese, how many minutes, will it be an hour's worth of walking, hour and 15 minutes, or hour and 55 minutes of walking? >> hour, 55. >> she gets it! >> i'm exhausted. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> we got to go. >> this team gets the point for the challenge! >> what's the name of this team? >> team meredith. today. >> you guys, we're going to be back with one of the funniest men from "snl," darrell hammond. great impressions coming up. >> first these messages. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. we've got a lot of cold to talk about, snow ice, a little bit of everything coming through with our next storm. later today we're not going to see a whole lot coming together just yet with the exception of great lakes where lak
for tenderloin because really, truly, you can't mess it up. you brown these pork tenderloins, pound each in the pan, get a nice, golden color. >> whoa! and you drop it on your co-host over here. >> sorry, it slipped. put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minute until it's nice and tender inside. >> okay. >> and then what you do is in the same pan, we'll lower the heat a little bit so you don't get covered. start with a little bit of honey. go ahead and do that. dump it all in there with shallots. little garlic, shallots, honey, mustard, red wine vinegar, couple of tablespoons and a little bit of white wine. we're basically going to cook this down for a couple of minutes until it thickens slightly. you get sort of a sweet and tangy sauce. which i happen to love. you finish it with a little bit of thyme. and then just a tablespoon of butter. just a tablespoon. >> get over to my pepper. >> there you go. i will put that on. you go with peppers. >> why are peppers healthy? >> you said yuck to stuffed peppers. i took offense only because i know people grew up with stuffed peppers and these
. black hair. brown eyes. if you recognize this man, you are asked to please call san jose police. >>> it is thursday. one day away from friday which we all love. christina loren is going to tell us what to expect outside. good morning. >> good morning. we're so close now to the all important weekend. we do have showers lingering. nothing heavy. you probably don't need your umbrella unless you want to take out the suede. throughout the afternoon we have a few showers on the way. not expecting anything but moderate to light activity. you can see right now doppler is dry as a bone to the north of gilroy. 61 in san jose. nice, mild start. you notice that when you walk out the front door. 60 in san francisco. 62 in los gatos later on today with mostly cloudy conditions and a few showers later this evening. let's check your rush hour drive with mike. >> look what we found here. this is the camera in palo alto looking north with taillights at willow. there on the shoulder is a crash that chp reported. it is out of the lanes. we see slowing on the maps right through the same area. we see
. it disturbed her. >> bobby brown, a lot of people pointed the finger at bobby brown about this, but you don't necessarily do that? >> well, i could point my finger, but. >> what did you think of him? >> i don't even think of him. i think you're responsible for yourself. and that's what i do. i'm responsible for what i do. >> but do you think he helped her or hurt her? >> no. i think he did hurt her in a lot of ways. >> how? how? >> just feelings. she was in love, i guess. she said she was. and it's the way he treat people, you know. >> you talk about love. you write in the book, you say in your darkest moments you wonder if whitney really loved you. >> i knew my tower loved me. you know, we sit and think of all kinds of things. we were very close. we didn't see each other that often. but that's what happened. she was on the road all the time and i was home. so -- >> you talk about home. you provided her a good, stable home life. even though a lot of people thought she grew up on the streets or the projects. and that's nothing further from the truth. >> further from the truth, absolutely. >>
people are waiting for. the first lady is wearing, we are told, a thom browne coat, j. crew shoes. she has a long route along the parade route this morning. >> kudos to david gregory, who got all that right except the j. crew shoes. every aspect of that right. >>> let's turn now to jenna bush hager, here with the story of one man whose unlikely gift to the president carried a greater significance than he could ever imagine. good morning to you. >> good morning. sometimes those unexpected moments in life have the largest impact. so much is known about our 44th president, but who is this man who unknowingly inspired him? a chance encounter in an elevator that changed two lives. when in 2008 at hyatt hotel, earl smith, their security director -- >> i love you back. >> -- met the future president. >> the feeling i had just overpowered me. >> reporter: overcome with emotion, he pulled out his most meaningful possession, a war patch he always kept with him. >> senator obama, i want you to have this. i have been carrying this patch for 40 years. i think it will bring you good luck in your jou
discipline. >>> makeup star bobbi brown helps some women in our crowd put their best faces forward and she'll share three tips every woman needs to know. >>> later, how to get an upgrade when you travel on everything from your flight, your hotel to your rental car. >> lots to get to. first a check of this weather. >>> let's look at the weekend ahead, starting with tomorrow. we'll be looking at wet weather through the southwest, snow in the central rockies, wet along the pacific northwest coast, sunny, but cold in the northeast. midatlantic states, nice and mild through the gulf coast. sunday, sunday, icy conditions in the mid and upper mississippi river valley. rain into the lower mississippi river valley. look for more showers in the pacific northwest. we expect to see that warmth continuing down into the southeast on into florida, but it stays cold here in the northeast on into new england. that's what's going on around >> good morning. it should be nice and quiet this morning. we expect some light snow to develop this evening. >> get that weather any time you need it this weekend. go to
. it was a very emotional moment and understandably for him. chris brown in 2010 at the beth awards he was doing the m.j. tribute and he lost it and he had gone through a lot before that performance and maybe thinking about his past. >> what about people faking emotion? >> let's take lance armstrong sitting down with oprah. he knew he had to show he was sorry in some way. it impacted him, it hurt him, that he knows he hurt other people. does he think going into that i better have a crying moment or am i too cynical? >> i just think if you go in thinking i better manufacture some emotion for public consumption, it will probably not go well, not coming from -- >> that broadcast news moment where hurst turn this camera on himself and has crocodile tears. that won't go over right. people know when it's real and not. i think in hillary clinton's case it is very real. >> very real emotion at the australian open yesterday. 15 time singles champ serena williams facing this new sensation, 19-year-old sloane stephens, more on her in a minute. sloane defeated serena williams and this moment after that, sla
"daring greatly" is a "new york times" best seller. dr. brown, good to see you. >> thank you. >> we asked a great mom, who happens to be hanging around, kimora lee. >> she puts herself out there. >> model, mogul and mom. >> we've been cracking jokes behind the scenes so we're ready. >> we're ready. >> okay. the title of the book "dare great greatly" where does that come from? >> it's a phrase from a speech roosevelt gave that says -- some people recognize it as it's not the critic who counts. the speech goes on to say it's not the critic, it's the person in the arena, who may be winning, may be losing, may be getting their butt kik cked butt least they're in there, daring greatly. this is everything i know about vulnerability. it's not about winning. it's not about losing. it's about showing up and letting ourselves be seen. >> i love that quote. the question that you used to guide your life in the past was what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail. but now instead you changed that thinking and say we should all be doing this, what is worth trying even if i fail? so why the change?
that was almost naturally black black. >> i love her hair. >> it's now a soft brown. if you look at the tips, it goes to almost blonde. i mean, this is the way to give a little bit of color for maximum effect. carson, working with the shape of the face. inid making the colors all work together with a very natural palate. remember, less is more. >> always, always. >> what about the outfit? it's great. she actually wore a black dress to her wedding. she's unconventional. another outfit to wear, a dressier black dress. this is from london times. >> do you love? >> i love it. it's great. >> let's bring eileen a big round of applause for both of our ladies. all right. from music to movies, celebs, all the hollywood news coming up with jason kennedy. right after this. ♪ ect on you, catherine! have we met? yeah, last week at the tax store i did your taxes. you work here too. yep. i thought you were an expert with returns? oh i am, especially after the holidays! major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no taxes experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax at
. >> you still don't look bad. >> what's all the brown discoloration? >> they say your skin gets discolored? >> you just get more foundation. problem solved. >> now it's my turn. >> this is meredith after ten drinks. >> that's very nice. really nice. >> i didn't even get to see it. >> that was a prune. really, really -- you know what, i'm your guest. >> you look really good. >> allegedly you're my guest. >> it's part of a drinking smart campaign. they don't want people to drink too much. a clever idea. >> right. >> we're all vain. if we see what we might look like we might drink less. >> were you a smoker? >> i did a little -- my mom doesn't know, but now she does. >> i'm so sorry. >> i did a little, but i don't -- i don't -- >> no smoking? >> you were a smoker, right? >> i was this kind of a smoker, for many, many, many years. >> was it hard to quit that? >> i quit the day i found out i was pregnant with ben, and that was it. >> that was it. >> the day i had ben, i wanted a cigarette, and ben is now 24, and i realize that i'm an addictive personality, and i knew if i had the cigarette, i w
swirling it around. >> it's getting burned -- >> we don't want it to get burned and brown. we'll let it slide this time. put the flour in, it will bind it together and kind of help bind your cheese sauce together to keep it creamy and delicious. >> for people who don't know, what's a roux? >> i might be wrong, but basically it's butter and flour. and then once you get it creamy, add milk here. >> okay. >> i like to have my milk room temperature because i find that it mixes really well. >> you keep this going? >> keep mixing. you'll be mixing the whole time. while that you will is going, we've cooked our pasta, we've got that going on. you've got your cheese -- we add the cheese. >> shall i? >> yes. >> do your kids help you make this? >> they do. as much as they can. >> they do that? >> they throw cheese on each other. the other night when i was testing this because i kind of don't follow recipes so his to write it down for you guys, they were instrumental in testing the cheese. that was their -- their big job the other night. >> perfect. >> so this is going. we add spices -- there yo
this recipe. >> this is in the skillet and you can slice this out. you pull this out. >> you're just browning it or cooking it? >> cooking and stir it at the end and thyme and garlic, nice and fragrant. it's really as simple as putting in some can ned beans. you rinse them off. you know how they come in that liquid. rinse it off. >> sure. i'm always making beans. >> they come in liquid. then some beans and chicken broth. this is so super simple. a lot of this you keep in your pantry. there are amazing white beans, on the weekend, put them in water overnight but you don't have time during the week. >> could you use any sausage you wanted. >> i add spice to it. this is for fresh chorizo. the spanish one is skinnier, has more flavor in terms of that spice. this is like garlic and chiles. you can use i ttalian sausage a the one thing about sausage someone else did the work putting in all the flavor. >> i like it. you have simmering over here. >> exactly. baby spinach from the supermarket. you fold that in and that chorizo you sliced up, dump it right in. >> sure. >> this will wilt down pretty qui
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)